Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jawbreaker Poetry Project

The Jawbreaker Poetry Project is a collaboration between Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf and Verse Wisconsin.

"Luck of the Draw" is the theme, and poems are sought that touch, in some way, on good fortune, misfortune, opportunities gone awry, flukes, coincidence or second chances.

Selected poems will be packed into jawbreaker capsules with candy, gum or toys, and available — along with the possibility of winning a year's subscription to Verse Wisconsin — from a dispenser coined the Verse-O-Matic. This dispenser will be transported to various Wisconsin venues statewide in April during National Poetry Month, then travel with Verse Wisconsin editors to events, conferences and festivals nationwide throughout 2011.

The poems will also be published in the summer 2011 online issue of Verse Wisconsin. Full guidelines and more details are at the Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf website.

Make submissions to Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf only.

Deadline is Nov. 30.

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