Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Call for Submissions- Cup of Comfort

Passing along a email from Susan Twonsend-

The newest "Cup of Comfort" project is a volume tentatively titled "A Cup of Comfort Book of Christmas Prayer." This book will consist of true, uplifting stories and devotionals with a Christian Christmas theme. I would like you to consider contributing something special to this project. Please read this email in its entirety, as specific guidelines will be included.
The devotionals should consist of a short one-page thought between 350-400 words related to a spiritual principle or concept as it applies to your experiences (past and present), your thoughts and feelings about Christmas and, of course, your memories of Christmas. The stories (1200-1500 words) will explore the same themes and principles found in the devotionals, but in a different structure. Although the stories will have a strong Christian message, they still need to contain the basic elements of a captivating short story. These elements include a beginning, middle, and end. There must be conflict and resolution, as well as compelling dialogue and emotion, against a backdrop of action and human drama.
As with other volumes in this series, these devotionals and stories must be true. Your contributions to "A Cup of Comfort Book of Christmas Prayer" will create a unique and diverse book that represents the magic and wonder of Christmas with a strong emphasis on the true meaning of the holiday -- the birth of our Savior and what His coming has meant to the world. Your submissions may be light-hearted or serious but, most importantly, they should be insightful and inspirational. We try to avoid too many stories related to illness, but if you have one without too many details under positive parameters, we will consider it.
The book will cover the 25 days leading up to Christmas Day (December 1-December 25), and then, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" leading up to January 6. For this reason, I would like your devotionals and stories to represent topics that cover this time period. I will need a wide variety of stories and devotionals that deal with the weeks leading up to Christmas Day as well as the days that follow. I'm sure you would all agree that the Christmas experience covers much more than just one day. Above all, keep in mind the significance of Christmas in the life of a Christian living his/her life for the Lord.
We will issue you a permission contract surrendering the rights of this story to sole use by the publisher. It also may not be previously reprinted by any major publication. If accepted, we are offering a $50 dollar one-time fee for stories and a $20 one-time fee for devotionals, to be paid upon publication. You may send as many stories and/or devotionals as you like, but please keep in mind, I want to see your best work, and I will use only one story per contributor and up to five devotionals per contributor. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING FOR IMPORTANT SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.
All correspondence, including submissions, should be sent to me, Susan B. Townsend, at Your submissions should include:
1) Your full name
2) Your address
3) Your phone number
4) Story title
5) Story word count (REMEMBER: Stories should be 1200-1500 words, and devotionals should be 350-400 words *including* brief, opening Scripture and closing thought (see examples below)
6) A short bio of no more than 20 words
In the subject line, please cite the title of the book -- e.g. Submission for "A Cup of Comfort Book of Christmas Prayer." Unfortunately, I cannot accept attachments at this time (I am in process of switching from dialup to wireless and waiting for my new computer). So, please NO ATTACHMENTS. Please copy and paste your submission(s) in the body of your email.
DEADLINE: I need your submissions NO LATER THAN JANUARY 6, 2009. I understand how busy and chaotic this time of year can be, so I particularly appreciate your time and participation. Although I will be making my selections for the book in late February, this book is scheduled for publication for the Christmas season of 2009. Consequently, it will probably be early summer before the manuscript is finalized.


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